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This did not help the Tanishq brand to make its mark. Taniqsh set up its own retail showrooms in More recently, they spent two years crafting jewellery for historical magnum opus Jodha Akbar.

These Jewellers will always buy their products back at the prevailing market rates. They spread awareness to the public about alleged impurity in Gold.

Encouraged by the response towards its first store, the Zaveris planned to take Trendsmith India Pvt. Moreover, these jewelers made the jewelery to order and often bought back their products at the prevailing market rates.

A variety of strategic, economic, organizational and brand investment reasons make the decision an important one. In India, not everyone is very rich and not all of them are able to afford to purchase expensive jewellery.

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The way to gain the trust of the customer is the emphasis of quality control. The production and the quality of the jewellery play a very important role. For the company to accomplish this.

Tanishq: Positioning to capture Indian Women’s Heart Essay Sample

Among the branded jewellery players in the Indian market, Tanishq is considered to be a trendsetter. Gaining Trust of Customers The jewellery market in India was highly fragmented, branding issues and many unethical practices. Initially Designs offered by Tanishq were very westernized ,18 karat gold.

The consequence of the comparing is that their monetary values have to be lower than the local market monetary values. In order to attract more customers, Tanishq must be able to understand their customers and segment them into different groups in their markets so to be able to provide a better customer service to different customers.

It introduced technology-backed challenge in a category completely governed by individual trust Strategy had two parts: Gili distributed its jewellery priced between Rs.

Design-customer penchant mismatch Tanishq started by selling jewelry in the carat gold scope and their designs were largely taken from the modern-day European trade names.

The result of the comparison is that their prices have to be lower than the local market prices. They claim and deliver the exact carats and weight that they promise. Since India already enjoys per cent of the world CPD market, scope for further growth in diamond exports is limited.

The company not only need to check on the crafting and finishing of the product, but also to ensure to the customer the value of their product by checking the purity of the gold. Launched inTanishq is the jewellery division of Titan Industries.

Tanishq Competition Analysis

A marketing project report on tanishq Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Here is the Marketing mix of Tanishq which is a subsidiary brand of its parent company Titan Industries.

It is a jewellery brand associated with thesanfranista.comq was founded in the year and currently deals in both traditional and aesthetic thesanfranista.com deals in platinum, diamond and gold jewellery. Tanishq comprises a small share of the overall Rs 70,crore Indian jewellery market and hence it needs to increase its market share in this huge industry.

Escalated gold costs has caused lower margins is to push sales as much as possible.4/4(9). Launch and Marketing Strategy of Tanishq Essay.

Tanishq opened it’s pilot store in Chennai in - Launch and Marketing Strategy of Tanishq Essay introduction. Launch strategy: Create a brand in an environment where there were no/very little national brand presense.

View Essay - Tanishq Case Analysis_Prerna from MARKETING MPD at Institute of Management Technology. Tanishq Case Analysis The case study deals with the positioning of Tanishq in the Indian market. This project report entitled study of customer’s perception has been submitted to G.I.D.C Rofel Business School, Vapi in partial fulfilment of P.G.D.M.

Launch and Marketing Strategy of Tanishq Essay

Degree. Here by we, undersign that this project report has been completed by us under the guidance of Professor Devang Desai (Faculty: Marketing /5(8).

Tanishq marketing report essay
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